How Can I Obtain a Change of Ownership for a Certificate of Occupancy?

(Note: If the property type and/or load that is listed on your current Certificate of Occupancy (CO) does not match the actual property type and/or load, then you will need a new Certificate of Occupancy, not a Change of Ownership.)

My property has a Certificate of Occupancy from a previous owner. What should I do to show that I am the owner? 

You’re in luck because this is a simple process. If your CO shows the correct property type (2 units = Two Family Flat (or)  Flat; 3 or more units = Apartment House), and it shows the correct number of units (also called the “occupancy load”), then you can initiate a Change of Ownership Application. 

As part of changing the ownership, you may be required to submit to an inspection, as determined by the DC Office of Zoning, after the application has been submitted.

If you do have to submit to inspections, after your inspections have passed you will be approved for the CO to be issued in the present owner’s name(s).

Inspections or not, RentJiffy can expertly assist with obtaining your Change of Ownership. Please reach out to us to discuss options and costs.

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