The unit number from the rental address is missing from my license. Is this OK?

No, it is not OK – Your license needs the unit number in order to have a complete (and correct) license number. The license issuance system used by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP) is not perfect, including the error of not having every unit in its system. One problem we often see is that licenses issued to cooperative units rarely include the unit number. And this glitch happens with condominium units, too, even though it’s less often. Generally, we (RentJiffy) catch this mistake when the license is issued. We will still forward you the license without the unit number, but you will have to keep trying to get a corrected license from DLCP.


Here’s what you have to do to make this correction:

  • The license has to be sent to the DC Office of Information System, which administers the District’s licensing software.
  • They will update the address in the system, which allows the license to then be reissued. (Be advised: It can take up to two weeks to make the correction.)
  • Generally, your license number will not change, so you can begin to use the license number.

At this point, we can continue to complete your filing process while you wait for a copy of the correctly issued license.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have received a license with a missing unit number. We will be happy to work on getting a corrected license for you, and we’ll send you a confirmation as soon as we start the process.

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