I started my application process without RentJiffy. Can RentJiffy finish it?

We would like to tell you, “Yes, RentJiffy can finish your application.” But we are sorry to say we cannot do it, and here’s the reason. .


Just like one dentist won’t finish another dentist’s root canal, we can’t take chances on finishing an application process we didn’t start. It’s too painful for you and for us.


Starting a job when it’s in the middle of the process, and not knowing what prior actions were or were not taken, leaves us open to making unintended mistakes on your behalf. It could cause you harm, and we don’t want that.


Our lessons learned: Based on our past experiences, we found that we were spending too many hours trying to research what was done, how it was done, who done it, etc. We did the work because we wanted to ensure the desired result for our clients, but at the same time, the hourly cost became greater than starting a new application from scratch.  


Your takeaway: Let an expert do the work for you. To have RentJiffy assist with this, email support@rentjiffy.com.


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