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At RentJiffy, we love to help our clients become legally compliant, but along the way, certain things may require more expertise than we can offer. At some point you may need a legal opinion or the services of a lawyer. While we a lot about our business, we are not attorneys and we cannot assist you regarding a legal issue. 


We believe that an attorney, much like an accountant, should be part of your “team” that helps you manage your rental property. Why? Because although D.C.  is one of the most tenant-friendly cities in the country, if you make what seems to be an innocuous decision, that decision could result in unintended and unwanted consequences—consequences that may have been avoided if an attorney had been consulted.

We’re not trying to worry you, but our favorite, very old proverb (from 1691!) is “Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish” (adapted from Robert Burton).


Bottom line: because landlord-tenant law in D.C. has its own niche within the realm of law, we always recommend that you consult an attorney who has experience working within landlord-tenant law that is specific to D.C.


Our clients have given us a list of attorneys whom they have enjoyed working with over the years. They are:


For Landlord-Tenant Issues:

Irene Lindner

Lindner and Associates PLLC




Ed Pugh

Pugh Law PLLC




Emillie Fairbanks

Law Offices of Emillie Fairbanks PLLC




For Zoning Use, Development and Variance Issues:

Ed Donohue

Donohue, Themak, Miller, PLC



Note: We do not have affiliated business arrangements with these attorneys and do not receive any compensation by referring clients to them.

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