I have an LLC registered in Washington, D.C. When do I have to file my biennial report?

April 1st.


For a business entity to remain in good standing in D.C., a biennial report is required to be filed the first year after your business is formed in D.C., and then every 2 years after that. This means you need to make sure it’s a filing year for your company.


If you file after April 1st, then you will be considered late and must pay an additional $100 fee with your filing fee.


If your company remains in late status up to August 31, the business entity’s status will be administratively revoked. 


My company is in revoked status

When your company is in revoked status, you will have to file a Reinstatement Application which, as of this writing, will cost you $400 + a report filing fee + an imposed late fee before you can be in “good standing”. Also, if you owe for multiple back years reports, you will need to file all missing years reports before your business entity can be reinstated. 


I owe multiple year’s reports

In order to bring a company into “good standing,” you must file all past due reports and pay the the filing fee + the late fee for each year.


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