What is a Proactive Inspection?

The Department of Buildings (DOB) Proactive Inspection Program ensures that all multi-unit rental properties in the District of Columbia are inspected. The program, which is meant for Apartment Home licenses holders, is designed to promote safety and ensure that all rental units in D.C. meet residential property maintenance and building codes.

To help achieve this goal, the Proactive Inspection Program uses a specialized algorithm (developed in conjunction with Georgetown University) to address apartment buildings that have a higher likelihood of violations. The algorithm takes into account factors such as a building's age and the landlord's history of code violations, which allows DCRA to more effectively position their inspectors. 


All units must be inspected

After a property is identified for inspection, the property owner or manager must coordinate with all tenants to ensure that 100% of all eligible units in the building are inspected. All multi-family rental property owners will receive a Notice of Inspection from DOB.

The inspection will include the exterior, interior common areas, and all units. The property owner, or property manager, is required to be present during the inspection and to provide DOB inspectors entry into the building and inside all eligible units.


Tenant consent

DOB Inspectors can enter only those units for which property owners or property managers have obtained an Inspection Consent Form for each unit, and signed by each tenant. Property owners or property managers are responsible for obtaining authorization for entering each unit, and for collecting signed Inspection Consent Forms before each unit is inspected.

The Proactive Inspection Program Consent Form  is available online in English and Spanish.


Don’t forget to call the Proactive Inspection Program at 202-481-3393 between 9 am and 4 pm, at least five (5) days before your scheduled inspection date, to provide your contact information to the DOB Inspector. This allows the inspector to contact you on the morning of the inspection and provide a two (2) hour window arrival time.

The property owner or property manager must be on the premises during the inspection.

If you cannot attend a scheduled proactive inspection, you are required to reschedule the inspection at least 48-hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to give this notification may cause your building to automatically fail the inspection, which could result in an enforcement action. 

After the inspection, all failed items will result in a Notice of Infraction (NOI). It is the responsibility of the property owner to correct all identified violations and to contact DCRA for a re-inspection. Life safety violations must be corrected within 24 hours; non-life safety violations must be corrected within 15 days.


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