How does the RentJiffy Home Inspection Service work?

How does the RentJiffy Home Inspection Service work?


Our home inspection service will take the hassle out of you having to schedule an inspection (which can take days with D.C.) and the necessity of you being there. When you choose to have RentJiffy handle the inspection for you, this means we will: 

  • schedule the inspection with D.C. and
  •  meet the inspector at the property.


Does RentJiffy do a pre-inspection?



We are not licensed home inspectors, architects, or general contractors. These are the only people who can provide a legal inspection of a property and, more importantly, these are the people who know all of the intricacies of the building codes. 


Did you know that not all properties meet the building codes the same way? Yup, that’s right. Depending on the date of the original building,  building renovations, and historic designations, you can be subject to the current version of the code or you can be grandfathered into the older code. So you see, the everyday job of licensed experts is to deal with evaluation construction whereas we, RentJiffy, are license expeditors, and we do not have formal training for evaluating building codes. Our superpower is navigating DC Government, so you don’t have to.

You (and everyone else) wants to pass on the first inspection. We get it. And we know that not offering a pre-inspection may be frustrating, so to help, we have put together a support article called What Inspectors Look For. We highly recommend that you read it because we go over things we see fail most often on all property types.

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