What are the fees for inspections?

How are inspection fees handled?


The DC Government does not charge for an initial inspection. However, if a property fails its initial inspection or you miss your scheduled initial inspection, then you will be charged a $90 fee. Additionally, if you request to reschedule your initial inspection less than two business days it was scheduled, you will be charged a $90 fee. 


Note: If you fail an inspection, and you do not get a re-inspection confirming that the failed items(s) from the previous inspection have passed, you may be issued a Notice of Infraction, which will have a civil penalty attached.


Don’t have time on your schedule to handle the inspection? RentJiffy is pleased to offer you an inspection attendance service as an add-on to its license expediting service. We will schedule the inspection and meet the inspector at the property on the scheduled date, and you do not need to be present. For this service, RentJiffy charges a $75 fee for each inspection. Note: If you have to cancel or reschedule any inspection, you must do it at least three business days before the scheduled date. Reschedule or cancellation requests that are received less than three business days before the scheduled inspection date will incur an additional $75 payment. Why? Because it doesn’t give inspectors enough time to offer the inspection slot to another customer.


Please note that business days are Monday through Friday, except for  government holidays. 


How do I receive the bill from D.C.?


The Department of Buildings (DOB) will mail or email an invoice to you for all inspection fees once you have passed the inspection.

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