Does RentJiffy conduct or offer a pre-inspection service?

We’re sorry to say the answer is no.


Though we understand that most landlords want to pass an inspection the first time it’s given (and most do), we do not offer a pre-inspection service. The reason? Even with the work we do in assisting hundreds of property owners with inspections each year, and our 20+ years of knowledge of the business, we are not licensed architects, contractors, or home inspectors – these are the only people who can legally inspect your property. In addition, we simply do not possess the complete knowledge of the building codes and property maintenance codes, variances, and special exceptions, as a licensed tradesman would.


Not every property meets the building codes the same way, and because we are not trained as code experts, we may not always be knowledgeable enough to provide answers to ensure an inspection will pass.


Remember: If you do not pass an inspection, you are generally provided the opportunity to fix and/or repair the non-compliant item(s). However, once all the repairs are done, you will have to go through the inspection process again, with a D.C. government inspector, for verification. 


Note: An example of when you would not be given an opportunity to fix without receiving a penalty is when an owner applies for a single-family home, and the property, in fact, has two distinct units.

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