How do I schedule a reinspection?

Before you go any further … 

This article pertains only to requesting a reinspection once you have corrected/repaired/remedied items from a failed inspection. This would be known as a reinspection. 

So if you were given an inspection date that doesn’t work for you, see our article How do I reschedule my inspection date?


Getting a reinspection date

You have fixed, repaired, or remedied the items the DC Inspector failed you for in a previous inspection, and now it’s time to have your reinspection so your license application can move forward. How you request a reinspection depends on what type of inspection you need and who is handling the inspection for you. Here, we’ll explain what your three choices are for rescheduling. 


1. For Certificate of Occupancy Zoning Use and Third-Party Oversight Inspections.


If this doesn’t apply to you, go to 2. If it does, please continue reading.


For this kind of inspection, RentJiffy has to submit the request regardless of who handles the inspection (whether it’s RentJiffy, who is paid by the owner to go to the inspection in their place, or the owner, who handles the inspection on their own). 


To get the ball rolling, email For the email subject, use the following sentence and be sure to include your property address: 


CO Inspection Reinspection Request: <<Enter your property address>>


Please follow this exact format so we can ensure that we see this email immediately. 


As soon as D.C. tells us the new inspection date, we will email it to you.


Just so you know, the Department of Buildings (DOB) usually schedules these inspections with 2 - 3 days’ notice so you must be ready. Note: Per DOB policy, cancel/reschedule requests must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the inspection date. Otherwise, DOB may impose a $90 fee. 


2. For Basic Business License Inspections. 


Listed below are two options for rescheduling. Please choose only one. If you use both options, you could cause unintended, negative consequences for your inspection.


  1. If you would like RentJiffy to conduct the second inspection for a fee of $75, then complete this form: RentJiffy–Schedule My Inspection. You will be asked to pay the inspection fee, and we will order the new inspection date ASAP. 


  1. If you prefer to schedule the reinspection yourself, then complete the Basic Business License One/Two Family Inspection Request, which is found on DOB's website.


Because you are scheduling the reinspection yourself, be sure to include the inspection contact’s name and telephone number.


Also, because RentJiffy is not handling this reinspection for you, we ask you to reply to this email with the passed inspection report. We must provide a copy of the report to the licensing office in order to have your license issued.


Note: DOB has implemented a reinspection fee (currently $90) for failed inspections, This fee is payable to DOB, not to RentJiffy. DOB will send an invoice to you, either by email or USPS mail, following the inspection.


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