What time is my inspection?

D.C. provides only one window of time for their inspections, which is 8am to 4pm for Certificate of Occupancy inspections and 9am to 4pm for Basic Business License inspections. (We’re sorry to say it, but they don’t provide shorter windows in advance of the inspection day.)


RentJiffy is handling my inspection

If RentJiffy is handling your inspection and you chose the option “Someone Will Be Home,” we will call you the morning of your inspection with the 2-hour window as soon as we know the order of inspections from the DC Inspector. 


If you chose a different access method, such as providing keys or a lockbox, we will not call with a 2-hour window.


I am handling my own inspection with the DC Government

A DC Government inspector is supposed to contact you the morning of your inspection with a 2-hour window, but we cannot make any guarantees for this. If you have not received a call by 9am, you should plan to be at your property until 4pm. 


Additionally, if your inspection is related to a Certificate of Occupancy, those inspectors usually call sometime between 7am and 8am, but it can be as late as 9am. This time estimate is based on our experiences with DC Government inspections.


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