I have not received my Notice of Business Tax Registration. What should I do?

Get an estimated delivery date

First, please find the communication we (RentJiffy) sent to you regarding the date we filed your Notice of Business Tax Registration. Now take that date and add 14 to it to get an estimated date for receiving your Notice. Why the math? Because you should allow at least 14 days from the filing date to receive the Notice. (It takes about 7-10 days for the DC Office of Tax and Revenue to process and mail a Notice of Business Tax Registration to an applicant once their application has been entered.) 


If you don’t want to wait for the snail mail, you can obtain the Notice online by going to MyTax.DC.gov. Typically, the Notice will be in the documents section of the site within 2-4 days of us notifying you that your tax application has been entered.


How do I register an account on MyTax.DC.gov?

When you register an account on MyTax.DC.gov, you have to be able to verify yourself by either providing information from previous tax returns or by giving the document number from the Notice of Business Tax Registration.  


If you have previously filed taxes with D.C., have your last filed tax return handy because you will need information from it to verify your identity. If you are applying as a proprietor, you can use your last filed D.C. personal income tax return. Next, click on MyTax.DC.gov, and it’s done!


If you have not previously filed taxes with D.C., you must wait until you receive the Notice of Business Tax Registration, which will give you the document number (in upper right-hand portion of document) you need to verify yourself. Using that number, click on MyTax.DC.gov, and it’s done!

Why do I need a Notice of Business Tax Registration?

You need this document to let you know exactly what taxes you are responsible for with regard to your business license.


Additionally, if your rental property license application is for a 2-unit or an Apartment House/Building, then we will also need a copy so we can complete your license application filing. Without submitting a copy of this Notice, the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection will not issue your license.


What should I do with the Notice of Business Tax Registration?

If your property type is a 2-unit property or an apartment building, then please forward a copy of your Notice to us, so we can have the license issued.


Otherwise, you should forward the Notice to your accountant to make them aware of the tax(es) you have been registered for. This will ensure that when they process your taxes, they can file all appropriate tax forms. 



Can I call the Office of Tax and Revenue to obtain a copy of it?

Yes, call them. We have customers who called the Business Tax Division when they didn’t receive their Notices after 14 days. Most of them had good luck in having the representative email them a copy of the Notice. Call 202-727-4829 and speak with the Business Tax Division for assistance.


Could you tell me all of the taxes I could be registered for?

Yes, we have a really great article that talks about the various taxes you may be responsible for titled What taxes do I owe as a landlord in DC?

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