How do I schedule a Basis Business License inspection?

When you’re ready to schedule an inspection on your property, you can submit a request online with the BBL Rental Housing Inspection Request form. After you do this, the Department of Buildings (DOB) will contact you directly within 10 business days to schedule an inspection.


If you would like RentJiffy to handle the inspection for you, we will schedule the inspection, meet with the inspector, and give you a final report. In this case, you will not have to forward the inspection report to us because we will receive it automatically. Note: the fee for this service is $75. This option is only available if you applied for a business license through RentJiffy.

Follow these easy steps to have RentJiffy handle your inspection.


If you have not already applied for a license, please start the process on our website at Rental Property License Expediting. If you would like RentJiffy to handle the inspection on your behalf, you can select this option when you complete the application.


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