What is the timeline for a license to be issued?

Please review the following for more information on when your license and/or Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.


Rental Property License Applications (not requiring a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued)

This applies to Condos, Coops and Single Family Homes or Multi-Unit Buildings in which you already had a Certificate of Occupancy issued in the owner's name.

New applications are submitted to DC Government every Friday morning (or the next business day in the event of a holiday or Government closure) with most licenses issued within 14 days from the date of submission. Please note on occasion processing times by DC Government can sometimes take longer. For owners of condos, coops, single-family homes and 2 unit properties your inspection will take place after the license is issued.


Rental Property License Applications (Requiring a Certificate of Occupancy)

Applies only to properties with 2 or more units (not a condo or coop) in which you are obtaining a NEW certificate of occupancy or are applying for a change of ownership.

Certificates of Occupancy can take a while to process. They require a processing time with the District and then in many instances an inspection. If an inspection is not required then the Certificate of Occupancy and license are generally issued within 14 calendar days of RentJiffy's submission to DC.

If an inspection is required then the timing will depend on how soon the property inspection can be scheduled by DC and whether it passes. If the property fails then you will need to have the item(s) corrected, conduct a second inspection and pass before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. Your license will generally be issued within one week of the passing the Certificate of Occupancy inspection.


Certificate of Occupancy - Change of Ownership

Applications for Certificates of Occupancy begin processing with DC once all materials have been received (including Notarized Authorizations and copies of Deed). If the previous owners Certificate of Occupancy was issued less than 10 years from now then the new CO will generally be issued within one week of receipt of all documents. If the previous CO is older than 10 years old a zoning inspection will be required before issuance and can take 30 days. The inspection date will entirely depend on the inspection calendar of DC. Issuance of the CO will generally take place within one week of passing the inspection with the license issuance shortly thereafter.

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